Takumi At Lexus

Rooted in the idea that even the smallest detail can drive innovation, the Takumi spirit has been at the core of the Lexus brand for over 30 years. From the precision stitching on the leather seats to the intricately laser-etched interior finishes, Lexus Takumi masters apply their skills to every aspect of Lexus design and development.

Similar to Takumi at Lexus, Hawaii has Takumi of its own. We are honored to showcase three Hawaii artisans who through their pursuit of excellence, have pushed the boundaries of what is possible. 

Takumi Masters

Viewed as guardians of Japanese artisan philosophy, “Takumi” is a title given to those who have mastered their craft through unwavering dedication. Becoming a Takumi doesn’t take years, it takes decades. 

The essence of Takumi is to gain a deep understanding of a specific artform, so much so that subtle differences unseen by others, are recognized, studied and mastered.