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High performance, peak responsiveness and powerful acceleration — the GS 300 heralds the next evolution of Lexus performance.

And, unlike almost every other automaker in the world, Lexus chose not to outsource its turbocharged engine. Going in-house, in-depth and in defiance of industry norms, Lexus engineers developed a heavy-metal, horsepowered work of art. Introducing the GS 300.

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Now standard, the most comprehensive safety system ever offered on your Lexus, Lexus Safety System+6 is designed to help pave the way to a world with fewer collisions and better-informed drivers. An integrated suite of advanced safety systems, the Lexus Safety System+6 is designed to help maintain safe distances between vehicles and alert you of potential collisions, under certain conditions. LSS+ comes with “Pre-Collision System (PCS)12 with Pedestrian Detection,7 All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control,8 Lane Keep Assist,9 Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist,10 and intelligent high-beam headlamps.11


Exclusive performance upgrades and a track-honed suspension, tuned by the same team behind the LFA supercar, helped forge an unprecedented connection to the road.

With standard Adaptive Variable Suspension and an available TORSEN® limited-slip differential17—the GS 350 F SPORT RWD ensures that every ounce of torque ignites adrenaline-fueling performance. Plus 19-inch wheels5 with staggered-width tires (RWD). Clearly, the GS F SPORT has control cornered.



Fuel efficiency and low emissions are only the beginning. A cutting-edge Atkinson-cycle engine with leading-edge power output places the GS 450h in the top of the V6 class.

Boasting 338 total system horsepower,3 dual VVT-i and low engine noise, the GS 450h offers an impressive 34-MPG highway estimate16 and rockets from zero to 60 in a mere 5.6 seconds.4

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Sample Model

GS 300

$45,620 msrp1

  • Melding peak responsiveness with passionate performance, the GS 300 boasts 241 horsepower3 and an eight-speed Sport Direct-Shift transmission.
Sample Model

GS 300 F Sport

$50,210 msrp1

  • With an aggressive stance, eager turbocharged acceleration and available Rioja Red interior, the GS 300 F SPORT is power at play.
Sample Model

GS 350

$49,615 msrp1

  • The 2018 GS 350 raises the bar with an aggressive 311-horsepower3 V6, razor-sharp handling and a fearless design.
Sample Model

GS 350 F Sport

$50,980 msrp1

  • A track-honed suspension, 19-inch alloy wheels,5 14-inch front brakes and assertive styling doesn’t just connect with the road—they command it.
Sample Model

GS 450h

$61,450 msrp1

  • Blurring boundaries between hybrid and high performance, the GS 450h delivers 338 total system horsepower3 and a 34-MPG highway estimate.16
Sample Model

GS 450h F Sport

$66,495 msrp1

  • Delivering instant response with enviable styling, the GS 450h F SPORT offers Adaptive Variable Suspension and Dynamic Rear Steering.