Aggressively Stylish

Innovative measures were taken underneath and on the sides of the ES to help direct airflow smoothly around the body, helping contribute to reduced noise and vibration, fuel efficiency, and enhanced handling and high-speed control.

The sculpted lines of its long, wide stance and sleek profile combine to form a singular presence on the road.

The bold styling of its spindle grille, LED daytime running lights and available 18-inch wheels beg for a second look.

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Every fuel-efficient mile provides yet another reason to appreciate the ES Hybrid. Its exceptional fuel economy comes compliments of Lexus Hybrid Drive. By combining and reallocating power from the battery-powered electric motor, regenerative braking system and engine, the system is designed to deliver instantaneous power when you need it, while recharging the battery when you don’t. And six generations of proven technology stand behind our hybrid vehicles—a reassurance you simply can’t get from any other automaker.

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The craftsmanship of the ES can be seen in every detail.

Stretched across the exquisite contours of the dash, contrast stitching and stunning available wood trim accentuate the spaciousness of the cabin. The genuine contrast stitching that accentuates the elegant lines of the dash represents more than a mastery of design. Stitching the material so that it lies flat along the contours requires tremendous skill, patience and a test so unique that only 12 craftsmen in the world have been deemed qualified.



Surround yourself with the Lexus Safety System+*

Now standard, the most comprehensive safety system ever offered on your Lexus, Lexus Safety System+* is designed to help pave the way to a world with fewer collisions and better-informed drivers. An integrated suite of advanced safety systems, the Lexus Safety System+* is designed to help maintain safe distances between vehicles and alert you of potential collisions, under certain conditions.

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Sample Model

ES 350

$37,965 msrp1

  • From premium finishes to luxurious seating, the Ultra Luxury Package delivers premium comfort.
  • Featuring a long wheelbase and fine-tuned suspension, the ES offers an exhilarating driving experience.
Sample Model

ES 300h

$40,835 msrp1

  • With a 40 MPG combined rating, the ES Hybrid combines fuel efficiency with stunning design.
  • The stunning design of the ES also hints at its greater efficiency and comfort.